7.3 Litre Ford Diesel Repair
7.3 Litre Ford Diesel repair Regina

The 7.3L Power Stroke engine gave the market a powerful and reliable engine in a pickup truck size package. Although a dinosaur by today’s standards, it has a reputation to be ultra-durable and keep on the road with very low maintenance costs. These engines are able to take a lot of heat and keep on going. The older technology in these engines can make electronic diagnostics less accurate and specific. Some engine codes can be triggered from different problems. It takes the proper tools and experience to diagnose each symptom properly. Good quality, clean engine oil can drastically increase the reliability and longevity of these engines. When a high mileage 7.3L rolls into our shop, it’s usually the truck falling apart from around the engine!

Price List

Some services can be combined for savings in labour. Prices reflect single services for a single price. Please call for more details and see how we can help today.

Service Offered Price
Engine Oil Change: 15W40 and Motorcraft oil and filter $120
Fuel Filter Service: Motorcraft filter $130
Coolant Flush: Includes extended life coolant, thermostat, rad cap, flush kit $282
Rear Differential Service: SRW 75W140 Synthetic oil $180
Front Differential Service: SRW 80W90 oil $120
Rear Pinion Seal: SRW $163
Front Hub Seals: SRW both sides $442
Glow Plugs Replaced: 8 Motorcraft plugs $545

*Please call to confirm prices.

Recent Work

Before model cooler

The 7.3L Power Stroke engines are widely known as tough, dependable workhorses. The weak link in this powertrain tends to be the transmission. A transmission cannot perform or last when fluid temperatures run high. The factory coolers are a ridiculously small. Common practice in the market is to replace the factory cooler with the later 6.0L model cooler. They will just about bolt into place and only require adapting the hose sizes. One better than this is to install a Mishimoto 6.0L trans cooler. The sheer size and lifetime warranty cannot compare to the stock unit.

After model cooler

As you can see there is a huge difference. Mishimoto offers a lifetime warranty on all their products. This truck would run up to 247 F transmission oil temps while towing heavy. Now they are kept well below 200 F. The longevity of the transmission is greatly extended and reliability is improved.

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