6.7 Litre Ford Diesel
6.7 Ford Diesel Repair Regina

The 6.7L Power Stroke engine was Ford’s first in house built diesel engine. It is technologically advanced and complex in every way. There are numerous systems working together to make power while providing a quiet and efficient engine. It is truly a unique and modern diesel engine which requires stringent maintenance and proper parts. These trucks are hard to repair and diagnose without the Ford IDS diagnostic software. There are many modules which require resetting or reprogramming to properly complete a repair. Some of these procedures aren’t even clearly outlined in the workshop manual. We pride ourselves at Absolute Power Stroke to have the most up to date software to streamline our repairs.

Price List

Some services can be combined for savings in labour. Prices reflect single services for a single price. Please call for more details and see how we can help today.

Service Offered Price
Engine Oil Change: 15W40 and Motorcraft oil and filter $110
Fuel Filter Service: Motorcraft filters $245
Rear Differential Service: SRW 75W140 Synthetic oil $180
Front Differential Service: SRW 80W90 oil $120
Rear Pinion Seal: SRW $163
Front Hub Seals: SRW both sides $356

*Please call to confirm prices.

Recent Work

Before exaust gas recirculation

This truck had a check engine light with P0401: Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Flow Insufficient Detected. This code sets when the estimated EGR flow is less than the minimum limit for the operating conditions. The small exhaust pipe was removed from the EGR cooler to visually inspect the cooler core. This can be caused from excessive idling and short trips, restricted air flow, sensor bias, etc. If the coolant level is low on these trucks, chances are the EGR cooler is the cause.

After exhaust gas recirculation

One option is to replace the damaged and plugged parts in the cooler. Completely removing it with an EGR delete package is another. The truck in the top picture was receiving an EGR delete at the time. It was going through about one gallon of coolant a week before the delete. If this would have gotten any worse, serious engine damage could have occurred.

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