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6.4 Ford Diesel Repair Regina

The 6.4L Power Stroke engine is a stout platform with a unique combination of power and performance. Right from factory, the 6.4L is hindered due to the emissions control systems. Heat and fuel dilution are the biggest killers in this engine. Most of these trucks that enter out shop already have the exhaust DPF removed. Once this is performed the customer experiences a jump in fuel mileage and gains durability and reliability. This engine has a very sensitive fuel system that can be damaged by water or contaminants when proper maintenance is not performed. Proper fuel filter and engine oil changes are a priority if you plan on keeping these trucks healthy. We have customers with between 4-500,000 kms from good upkeep and proper tuning.

Price List

Some services can be combined for savings in labour. Prices reflect single services for a single price. Please call for more details and see how we can help today.

Service Offered Price
Engine Oil Change: 15W40 and Motorcraft oil and filter $120
Fuel Filter Service: Motorcraft filters $196
Coolant Flush: Includes extended life coolant, thermostat, rad cap, flush kit $269
Rear Differential Service: SRW 75W140 Synthetic oil $180
Front Differential Service: SRW 80W90 oil $120
Rear pinion seal: SRW $163
Front Hub Seals: SRW both sides/td> $356
Glow plugs Replaced: 8 Motorcraft plugs/td> $362

*Please call to confirm prices.

Recent Work

Before radiator failure

The 2008-2010 6.4L trucks are known to have radiator failures. The plastic tank on the hot side can separate from the aluminum core, causing it to leak. At our shop we do not just simply replace the rad and call it a day. At the very least new thermostats and coolant are required by radiator manufacturers to meet their warranty policies. We always recommend updating the upper and lower rad hoses to the latest version from Ford. There are no additional labour charges if installed at this time. Also, we recommend a new set of front body mounts to prevent excess body movement, which has been related to repeat radiator failures. A full cooling system inspection should be performed.

After radiator repair

It can vary from truck to truck but worn body mounts can be caused from excessive body movement from heavy towing or off road driving. To prevent repeat radiator failures, we recommend replacing the front body mounts. We offer Mishimoto’s an all-aluminum radiator with a lifetime warranty. This product is internally gusseted and braced to prevent failure from harsh body movements and excessive pressures.

Ford Diesel Engine Repair
Ford Diesel Engine Repair

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